miércoles, 17 de febrero de 2016



We are going to be parents. Our little baby is coming.
Are we ready to take care of him or her?

Let’s see:

The main objective (aim) of this activity is to be aware of the responsibility of being parents. You should realize babies are defenseless and that their survival depends on an adult, they need someone whether this person is both father and mother, just one or two mothers or one or two fathers.
You have to imagine you just had a baby so you have to plan the following:
-        What´s the child´s name? what do you need to take care of him/her? What are the roles of the father/mother? Decide when (think about different turns) to take care of it). REMEMBER: Your child depends completely on you both, you cannot leave it alone!
-        This activity will last for a week, you must take care of the egg during the school time, even at the playtime. At the end of the week, the eggs should not have been broken.
-        You can decorate the egg and prepare a shoe box or similar as if it was the child´s cot.
-        I will have a set of cards that you must pay attention to. (RED: the egg is crying, try to calm it down. GREEN: the egg needs to be changed. ORANGE: the egg is hungry, fee it. YELLOW: the egg needs to sleep, cover it). This will also happen at the playtime so that the children do not leave the egg on a bench and go to play and forget about the egg.
During this fantastic experience you will write a diary or mini book. On the first page you will introduce your baby (name, days old, where was he/she born, what do you need to take care of it, my role as a father/mother is, he will be good at … because…), then on the next pages you can write how was your day, and finally, on the last page you must write about the main difficulties you have faced during the week and what good things you have learnt. You will also have to present your work to your classmates.


Thank you for taking care of all these little babies during the last week.

Final task